The Best Banks For Lean Startup Companies

By | April 5, 2019

The Banks That Understand The Unique Needs of Startups.

Starting a business has never been easy and it is even more difficult in our modern era. There are regulations and paperwork for everything to make sure the market is as fair as it can be for all people. When small business talks about leans, they mean refining their business practices down to streamline their work and their finances.

A financial management Lean for a business is a systematic approach to identify and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. It is also redefining the value of the company to the customer and producing at the rate of the customer demand.

As a small business or start up, applying lean procedures to streamline your work load and customer care is a way to balance current income. Working with a bank can help a company find places where procedures can be adjusted.

What makes a bank the best bank for a company depends on the nature of the business and what you want the company to become over time. The best banks for lean start up companies are as follows:

1. CIT Bank:

CIT Bank has the best options for customizing your banking to your business or industry. They also offer first-time customers a promo code for a better APY (minimum $25,000 deposit). They can also change your account for short term to longer term options as your needs change based on growth.

2. Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo will sit down with your company to help you create a business checklist and help you review your financial decisions and implement new ones that will help eliminate financial waste.

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3. Chase:

Chase bank is perfect for getting your small business credit card set up and monitored. They have several affordable options for your business to choose form which will give you substantial cash back, rewards or travel points for the company that does a lot of traveling around for their business.

4. Capital One

: Their merchant services allow for unlimited deposits into a checking account that gets opened with them. They have a secure and quick merchant service that all for multiple forms of payments from clients and have developed a superior online platform that gives a comprehensive look at the balances of your business accounts and how they are moving.

5. Bank of America:

Has the best low cost checking and savings accounts for new businesses. They have several options to choose from based on the needs of your new business that include wire transfer rates domestic and international as well as several ways to avoid the fees depending
on the account, what features are being used and the balances carried in the account at all times.

6. Azlo:

Azlo is a bank built for technologically savvy businesses with their digital no-fees accounts. It also places a lot of digital tools in your hands to help you monitor and modify your account as your business grows and changes.

7. Live Oak Bank:

Live Oak Bank is the best bank for getting a small business loan and getting your business off the ground after that. They also offer several different annual percentage yields (APY) feature that can be attached to any accounts that get opened through them so they can help you save a portion of what you are earning.

8. Santander Bank:

Santander Bank is a bank that is good for working with companies that import or export goods of any sort though they also provide additional bonuses and cash back rewards for accounts that get opened with them as well as extend business lines of credit that have low interest rates so you can be covered no matter what situation arises.

9. TD Bank:

TD Bank is amazing bank for getting those commercial and real estate loans going. Their goal is protect commerce with their accounts and that means making sure your property stays yours and that it grows like your business does.

1.CIT Bank
2. Wells Fargo
3. Chase
4. Capital One
5.Bank of America
6. Azlo
7. Live Oak Bank
8. Santander Bank
9.TD Bank

When it comes to picking out the right bank for your business, you need to sit down and figure out what you need from one and do your own research to establish which one has the best options available for short and long term growth. Definitely meet with multiple banking representatives to get a better picture of how they can help you grow and to determine which is best.