Make Business Travel Easier with Rothys Coupons.

By | June 30, 2019

Flying overseas can be grueling. Spending more than ten hours on an airplane will tire you out, dehydrate you, and you’ll arrive at your destination weary and bedraggled, which can make you vulnerable if you don’t know your way around. Doing whatever you can to arrive at your destination feeling your best is important. Here’s what you can do to make your long flights more comfortable.

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1) Wear comfortable clothes. You can get some seriously comfortable shoes at a discount if you use a Rothys shoes coupon code. You may not want to fly in your pajamas, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt for a long flight. Make sure to wear socks and bring a light warm layer, as airplanes can get cold. You will rest much easier if you are warm.

2) Bring hand lotion and lip balm. Many people with dry skin find their lips and cuticles cracking on an airplane. If you drink enough water and moisturize on the plane, you may save yourself a lot of pain and discomfort.

3) Snag an aisle seat for easier bathroom use. Being stuck in a window seat and having to use the bathroom when your neighbor is sleeping will not make for a stress-free journey. When choosing your seat (if you have the option) an aisle seat will make it easier for you to use the bathroom whenever you need to.

4) Bring an eyeshade and a neck pillow. They look silly and take up space, but they make a huge difference for actually getting rest on an airplane. You can get one for cheap by using a mypillow promo code as well.

5) Bring pain medicine. While drinking plenty of water and getting a good rest is usually the best way to knock out a headache, nothing works as well in a pinch as an over-the-counter pain pill. It can be hard to take care of yourself in transit, so eliminate stress and suffering by being able to deal with pain quickly. Ibuprofen can really save the day.

6) If the flight attendant offers fruit juice, take it. It never hurts to get a few extra vitamins while traveling, as stress, lack of sleep and time differences can weaken your immune system.

7) Bring a book. You can’t count on the in-flight movies being good, so bring something to pass the time with. Small crafts projects are also great for airplanes.

8) Drink plenty of water. Airplane air is dry. While flight attendant come around a few times offering drinks, a few small cups of water is not enough to keep you hydrated. Security restrictions don’t allow you to bring in filled bottles of water, but you can usually fill an empty bottle once you’re past security. Make sure to bring at least two liters with you onto the plane. Drinking enough water will keep you from getting sick and ease traveler’s constipation.

Small measures in comfort can make a world of difference in overseas travels. Airplanes are inherently uncomfortable, but anything you can do to mitigate discomfort will help you arrive at your destination better rested, happier and more alert.