What Does a Marketing Manager Do?

By | April 4, 2019

When it comes to matters pertaining determination of the particular market for a specific product, meeting or even exceeding net income and also establishing and defining pricing strategies for the said product, marketing managers happen to be the go-to guys. These professionals play a very significant role in any brand or company independent of the kind of product they produce. Below is a detailed overview of everything you need to know about the marketing manager position:

First things first; who exactly is a marketing manager?

In the simplest terms possible, a marketing manager can be described as an individual in charge of the management of the marketing of a product or brand. He/she can be obligated to several products and services, or be responsible for only a single product.

Generally, this individual must have a gregarious, spontaneous and outgoing nature. Additionally, a marketing manager has to be extremely focused, highly detail-oriented and also meticulous of any meeting timelines and budget restraints.

What are the duties of a marketing manager?

In general, a marketing manager is tasked with overseeing every single marketing facet at the company. From research to creative input, to budgeting, this individual has several responsibilities that vary depending on the company.

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Being in charge of the marketing campaign of their respective companies, these individuals also assign different parties to outreach tasks throughout the said campaign. They may also be involved in creative brainstorming, branding, research analysis and evaluation of the marketing condition depending on their set goals.

Now, every well-established company has a number of marketing professionals including client relations expert and creative directors. These individuals need a leader who they can look up to. A marketing manager serves as their leader guiding and directing them from time to time. Their direction and vision have a significant impact on the company’s marketing campaign.

All these duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager can be recapitulated to the supervision of their respective firm’s marketing department and ensuring that the company’s individual marketing parties deliver on their end. Some of the primary responsibilities of a marketing manager therefore include:

Directing marketing and art campaigns with the goal of promoting a company’s events or programs

Identifying and determining any competitors as well as potential and prospective markets. These can include governments, wholesalers, and retailers as well as the general population.

Delineating a service or product’s target audience. This means that they establish a potential market for any services or products.

They lead the development and adoption of short as well as long-term marketing techniques. Additionally, they supervise advertising campaigns in a bid to create, or rather grow brand awareness.

What are the qualifications of a marketing manager?

There are a number of requirements and qualifications needed for one to become a marketing manager. This is especially true for big and well-stabilized companies. In terms of education, one must have at least a marketing bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in communications, as well as business, can also suffice. Of course, an internship while still in college is an added advantage. Additionally, work experience in public relations, advertising and sales are needed. This also goes for adequate if not potent computer skills.

Should one also have particular skills?

Remember, like all other white-collar jobs, a college degree is simply not enough. On top of one’s professional experience, a marketing manager also required certain soft skills. These skills are very important in the field. Soft skills are personal traits that one developed through their life experience or they were born with. Some of the highly-prioritized soft skills for the position of a marketing manager include the following:


Since this field entails a lot of conversing, a marketing manager must have powerful as well as significantly persuasive verbal and writing communication skills. Additionally, this individual needs to have superior listening skills.


Remember that being a marketing manager means that you are in charge of various marketing teams. To make this work, you require outstanding leadership skills and qualities able to drive your team towards a common and specific goal.


This goes without saying, a marketing manager needs to be highly creative. The ability to come up with and develop new and interesting ideas is very important when it comes to this profession.

Additional qualities can include the following:

Impeccable problem-solving and Analytical skills

Self-driven and self-motivated

Strong decision-making skills

Proactive, responsible, accurate and reliable, etc.

In summary, you need to understand that the position of a marketing manager is somewhat an administrative post. This means that this individual has a very demanding task that requires sacrifice and effort. All in all, this is a very good post that when done well, should see one excel in terms of their career goals.

That and the salary isn’t that bad either!