What is a Project Manager?

By | April 4, 2019

Project Management entails initiating, controlling, executing and controlling resources, people and project aim. It is the work of a project manager to come up with reasonable objectives aimed at completing the project at hand. Project managers have absolute authority and responsibility to finish up the project given. Those responsibilities need to be handled by an experienced project manager. Therefore put a lot of emphasis on the process of selecting a project manager.

A project manager needs to have relevant skills and capability to ask relevant questions, come up with assumptions and deal with the present problem. Not any kind of person should be entrusted with this job. A capable project manager should be hired to execute that mandate. There are a number of factors that need to be put into consideration when selecting a project manager. Below are some of the tips you need to consider:


The magnitude and complexity of a project matter a lot. Projects do vary. It is of great significance if the right person is hired to execute it. Bring on board a project manager that is experienced in the task being handled. If it is a finance project, then a financial expert should be given the job. This prevents any complications that might accrue from hiring the wrong person. It is also important to interview the shortlisted people for the project manager position. Make sure that the project manager you hire understands the task in question.


Newbies to project management lack the needed experience. They lack the needed skills and knowledge. Avoid any inexperienced project manager. Consider the achievements, academic qualifications and experience of every person you need to hire as a project manager. Make sure that their academic papers are legit and have been acquired from a genuine learning institution. Any cases of fraud should not be taken lightly.


It is wise to have a substantial budget channeled towards project management. The budget should give provision to hiring a professional project manager. Remember you will need to pay a reasonable salary to the project manager. It is equally important that you be sure that you will get value for your money. This means you need a project manager that is qualified. There is also the idea of providing all the required resources needed in the project. Put that into consideration while making your budget.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager:

A project manager has very vital responsibilities to execute. For instance;

• Budgeting

The project manager should come up with a comprehensive budget. This budget should cover all the vital expenses to be incurred in the project. The finances channeled into the project should ensure the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

• Scheduling

It is the work of a project manager to come up with proper schedules that will run the entire project. This is why the most qualified project manager should be bestowed with this mandate. Charts can be created to show when the various tasks will be handled.

• Documentation

Clean and accurate project records need to maintained for accountability. A project requires a significant amount of finances. If the finances are not handled in the right way then there will be wastage. It is the work of the project manager to ensure that the finances are spent wisely.

• Leadership

Leadership is very important when handling a project. Rational decisions concerning the project should be made. Instructions related to the project must be provided. This needs a project manager who is also a leader.

• Controlling quality

A project manager has a duty to ensure that quality is never compromised at whatever cost. The manager should assess the project to ensure that it is progressing as expected. Funds should be spent in the right way to guarantee quality output.

• Risk analysis

As a project manager, you have a responsibility of analyzing the risk at hand. Then you need to come up with the ideal solution for the risk. This will ensure the project goes on as expected.

Project management is very crucial. In fact, it determines the success of any institution, organization or company. It entails planning, controlling, monitoring and executing several tasks. Therefore, it is important for one to hire a competent project manager. This is one of the requirements that will make the project successful.